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Welcome to the PVMA

The website of the Philippine Veterinary Medical Association is the sounding board of the Filipino Veterinarian.

The primary aim of the PVMA is work for the welfare of the membership and the veterinary profession. We represent more than 5,000 veterinarians working in the government, in private and corporate practice, in the industry, in the academe and even overseas.


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Events Calendar
March 28 PVMA 1st Regular Board Meeting
April 18 PVMA 2nd Regular Board Meeting
April 21-24 PAHA 1st Radiology Workshop
May 15 OIE Information Seminar for Practicing Veterinarians
May 16 PVMA 3rd Regular Board Meeting
June 4-5 VPAP 43rd Annual Scientific Conference
June 14 2nd PRC Fun Run
June 20 PVMA 4th Regular Board Meeting
July 18 PVMA 5th Regular Board Meeting
August 15 PVMA 6th Regular Board Meeting
September 13-17 32nd World Veterinary Congress
September 19 PVMA 6th Regular Board Meeting
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