Chapters and Affiliates

The earliest veterinary association attached to the PVMA is the Cebu Veterinary Medical Society which was founded in 1963 November. This was headed by Dr. Nestor R. Alonzo, UP-CVS 1937, president and Dr. Rosalio C. Mandin, UP-CVS 1937 as his vice president. Dr. Rodolfo C. Orais, UP-CVM 1963, Dr. Juan C. Vertulfo, UP-CVM 1958 and Dr. Jose L. Guadiz, UP-CVM 1960 were secretary, treasurer and auditor respectively. It was short lived and was only listed in the 1964 PVMA Souvenir Program. It is noteworthy to say that Dr. Nestor R. Alonzo remains unrecognized by the PVMA as an outstanding veterinarian whose activities had national implications.

The earlier PVMA constitutions did not provide for chapters; however the 1982 constitution, Article IX, entitled Chapters, codified the formation of chapters. While rules in forming a chapter were drafted, there was no continuity in its implementation. There appeared to be a confusion in the formation of a chapter and the use of terms in naming the chapters. The nomenclature to be used should be geographical in nature with the word PVMA as a point of reference. Guidelines for affiliation was issued in the 65th Annual PVMA Convention held in 1998 February 19; Dr. Daniel C. Ventura, Jr. headed the committee on affiliates and chapters. In 1999 the PVMA board through Dr. Edna Zenaida A. Velarde-Villacorte presented the issue to the House of Delegates on November 12 for review. This was later approved by the PVMA Board for adoption. This was recently updated by the PVMA Board in 2006 October 28 in a morning meeting. This was presented to the House of Delegates in the afternoon.

Veterinary Associations who are not Chapters relate with the PVMA through affiliation. These are independent veterinary organizations whose objectives are congruent with the PVMA. These affiliates however, do not compete but compliment the function of the PVMA. They accept the fact that the PVMA is the lead veterinary organization in the Philippines.

Since 1974 many veterinary associations have officially affiliated with the PVMA. The veterinary associations in the 1970’s and the 1980’s are the City Veterinarians League, the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines, VPAP, the Veterinary Women's League, VWL, the Philippine Animal Hospital Association, PAHA, and the Philippine Society of Veterinary Diagnosticians, PSVD. The VPAP and the VWL affiliated with the PVMA during the Business Meeting in the 42nd Annual Convention in 1974 December 14. The Veterinary Women’s League, The City Veterinarians League in the Philippines, and the Philippine Society of Veterinary Diagnostician are currently not active.

City Veterinarians League, CVL

The City Veterinarians League was established in 1975; this was headed by Dr. Nestor R. Alonso, UP-CVS 1937. The set of officers for 1975-1976 and 1976-1977 as listed in the 43rd and 44th PVMA Souvenir Program of the annual convention were Dr. Nestor R. Alonso, UP-CVS 1937 as president, Dr. Pacifico C. Rubio, UP-CVM 1951 as Vice-President, Dr. Manuel N. Lazo, UP-CVM 1965 as Secretary, Dr. Rustica V Sarmiento, UP-CVM 1965 as Treasurer, Dr. Mamerto A. Bince, Jr., UP-CVM 1963 as Business Manager, and Dr. Anselmo C. Ismael, UP-CVM 1966 as PRO. Dr. Anselmo C. Ismael was president for 1978-1979. The last president listed was Dr. Nestor Alonso for 1979-1980, 1980-1981 and 1981-1982.

The Philippine Society of Veterinary Diagnosticians, PSVD

The first specialized group but without a Specialty Board for board certification was the Philippine Society of Veterinary Diagnosticians organized in a meeting in 1980 March 28 at the L.Q. Restaurant. The officers were Dr. Raul V. Baron, UP-CVM 1968 as president, Dr. Asuncion A. Gonzales, UP-CVM 1972 as Secretary-Treasurer, and Dr. Ruben M. Ferriols, UP-CVM 1979 as PRO. The other charter members were Dr. Veronica SJ. Alejandro, UP-CVM 1978, Dr. Eliseo S. Contreras, UP-CVM 1950, Dr. Cresenciana Z. Rodil-Timbol, UP-CVM 1964, Dr. Leofina P. Balaoing, UP-CVM 1975, Dr. Vicente L. Sicam, UP-CVM 1971, Dr. Eliseo M. dela Cruz, UP-CVM 1970, Dr. Wilfredo C. Conde, AUF-IVM 1974, Dr. Mary Ann P. Pelagio, UP-CVM 1979, and Dr. Josephine R. Lagata, UP-CVM 1977.

The Society was first listed with the PVMA in 1981 with Dr. Raul V. Baron, UP-CVM 1968 as the president. The last listing of the societies' officers in the PVMA Souvenir Programs was in the 52nd Annual Convention in 1985.

The Veterinary Quarantine Officers of the Philippines, VQOP

Another affiliate of the PVMA was the Veterinary Quarantine Officers of the Philippines established in 1986. The 1986-1987 officers were Dr. Leartes L. Tabotabo, UP-CVM 1970 as president, Dr. Pastor S. Cruz, UP-CVM 1959 as Vice-President for Luzon, Dr. Oscar L. Limoso, UP-CVM 1969 for Visayas and Dr. Carlos B. Mendoza, UP-CVM 1974 for Mindanao, Dr. Pepito U. De Dote, UP-CVM 1963 as Secretary,/Treasurer, Dr. Salvador S. Madarang, AUF-IVM 1970, as Auditor, Dr. Jose H. Losa, UP-CVM 1976 as PRO, and Dr. Ricardo F. Marero, UP-CVM 1970 as Adviser. It was listed in the PVMA Souvenir Programs up to 1990.

Veterinary Womens League, VWL

The Veterinary Women's League was established in 1973. It was affiliated with the PVMA in 1974 December 14. The set of officers in 1974 to 1975 and 1975 to 1976 were Dr. Yolanda L. Derilo, UP-CVM 1968 as president, Dr. Carmencita M. Directo-Mateo, UP-CVM 1970 as secretary, Dr. Rhodora G. Siapno-Carlos, UP-CVM 1966 as Treasurer, Dr. Lucita B. Sable-Salvador, AUF-IVM 1970 as Business Manager and Dr. Zenaida V. Corpus, UPCVM, 1958 as PRO. The set of officers for 1976-1977 were Dr. Rhodora G. Siapno-Carlos, UP-CVM 1966 as President, Dr. Consuelo S. Baluyot-Bain, UP-CVM 1969 as Vice-President, Dr. Carmencita V. Yason, UP-CVM 1971 as Secretary, Dr. Ma. Fe N. Bustamante DVM 1974, as Treasurer, and Dr. Tomasa C. Balassu, UP-CVM 1972 as PRO.

Its constitution was amended in 1984 February 16 during the presidency of Josephine O. Encarnacion-Joya, UP-CVM 1979; the name of the organization was changed to the Philippine Veterinary Women's Association. The term of office of officers was extended to two years. Dr. Ruby Sue A. Mordeno-Mangalindan, UP-CVM 1980 was president from 1984-1986 and Dr. Edna Zenaida A. Velarde-Villacorte, UP-CVM 1978 from 1986 to 1988. The name of the association was last listed in PVMA Souvenir Programs in 1990.

The Davao Veterinary Private Practitioners Association, DVPPA.

The DVPPA was established in 1984. The officers were Dr. Arsenio A. Braga, UP-CVM 1962 as President, Dr. Gregorio C. Montano, UP-CVM 1964 as Vice-President, Dr. Darla Claire B. Reyes, GAUF-IVM 1980 as Secretary, Dr. Robert M. Punio, DVM 1981 as Treasurer, Dr. Dominador F. Martinez, DVM 1981 as Auditor, and Dr. Hospicio C. Conanan, Jr. UP-CVM 1977 as Director.

This is a very active group which had two significant achievements. The officers of DVPPA filed a case of dishonorable conduct in the Board of Veterinary Medicine and Board of Pharmacy against Dr. Antonio B. Acosta, UP-CVS 1938 and Ms. Lourdes Go-Bangayan, a Pharmacist. In 1986 January 21 both Boards suspended the two individuals from the practice of their profession for a period of 6 months. Ms. Lourdes Go-Bangayan was found illegally practicing Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Antonio Acosta was found guilty of Dishonorable Conduct on allowing his license to be used on Bangayan in the operations of the Bark Animal Health Center in Davao City.

The Philippine Animal Hospital Association, PAHA

The Philippine Animal Hospital Association was established in 1978 during the start of an epizootic in dogs of a mysterious gastroenteritis causing death of puppies within 6 hrs from the time it was presented for examination. This was the start of the Canine Parvovirus Epizootic which took some time before scientific references were available; the initial source of information in the country being an article in a popular monthly magazine from Canada.

The Charter members of the association were the Cabanlig Veterinary Clinic represented by Dr. Jose Ned R. Cabanlig, AUF-IVM 1969, the Dizon Veterinary Clinic represented by Dr. Oscar R. Dizon, UP-CVM 1963 the Carlos Dog and Cat Hospital represented by Dr. Enrique R. Carlos, UP-CVS 1946 the Cortez Animal Hospital represented by Dr. Francisco S. Cortez, UP-CVS 1946 the Makati Dog and Cat Hospital represented by Dr. Enrique T. Carlos, UP-CVM 1965 the Parreño Veterinary Clinic represented by Dr. Mario A. Parreño, UP-CVM 1964 the Saint Bernard Animal Clinic represented by Dr. Jose V. Valenzuela, and the Veterinary Clinic BF Homes represented by Dr. Jesus G. Lareza as signing the declaration of principles.

The first set of officers for the year 1978, 1979 and 1980 were Dr. Enrique T. Carlos as President, Dr. Jose Ned R. Cabanlig as Vice-president, Dr. Jesus G. Lareza as Secretary, Dr. Oscar R. Dizon as Treasurer, Dr. Mario A Parreño as PRO, Dr. Jose V. Valenzuela as Auditor, Dr. Francisco S. Cortez, as Director, and Dr. Enrique R. Carlos as Ex-Officio.

Dr. Enrique T. Carlos, the PAHA president negotiated for the affiliation of PAHA with the PVMA in 1980 July 8 through a letter to Dr. Rolendio A. Roderos, president PVMA. This was the day of the PVMA Board meeting; a PVMA Resolution 80-81-04 dated the same day approved the affiliation. One of the activities in 1980 was the voluntary accreditation of veterinary clinics and hospitals.

The Official Roster of the Chapters in 2007 are:

Region I - Region I Chapter
Region II - Cagayan Valley Chapter
Region III - Central Luzon Chapter
Region IV - Southern Tagalog and Batangas Chapter
Region V - Bicol Region Chapter
Region VI - Western Visayas Chapter
Region VII - Central Visayas Chapter
Region VIII - Eastern Visayas Chapter
Region IX - Western Mindanao Chapter
Region X - Northern Mindanao Chapter
Region XI - Southern Mindanao Chapter
CAR - Cordillera Veterinary Medical Association
C A R A G A - CARAGA Region Chapter

The Official Roster of Affiliates in 2007 are:

Philippine College of Canine Practitioners
Philippine College of Swine Practitioners
Philippine College of Veterinary Public Health
Philippine College of Equine Practitioners
Philippine College of Veterinary Feed Practitioners
Philippine College of Poultry Practitioners
Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines
Philippine Animal Hospital Association
Cavite Veterinary Medical Association
Davao Veterinary Private Practitioners Association, Inc.
Nueva Ecija Veterinary Medical Association
Pangasinan Veterinary Medical Society, Inc.
Central Mindanao Veterinary Medical Association
Philippine Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Philippine Veterinary Drug Association
Provincial, City and Municipal Veterinarians League of the Philippines
Samahan ng mga Dalubhasa sa Pagamutang Hayop sa Palawan