Officers Of The Association

At the beginning, officers of the association were the president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer. The office of secretary and treasurer was separated from time to time. Then in 1953, the five members of the Board of Directors came into effect from which the president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer were elected. After the amendment of the PVMA Constitution and By-Laws in 1974, there were seven Board of Directors with a non-voting ex officio, the past president added; however this was effected in 1976. The position of Secretary/Treasurer was separated in 1976. It was in 1982 September 28 that the PVMA Constitution and By-Laws was amended forming an eleven board of directors which included the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, Auditor, PRO with five as plain members of the Board of Directors, and another member of the Board the sixth, the Immediate Past President. The Secretary was chosen from among the members of the Board. This composition of officers is existing up to the present. Only the position of President and ex-officio member of the Board, the immediate past president are automatic in nature, the rest are elected. The system of electing only a vice-president who in his second year becomes the president and consequently in the third year automatically becomes a Member of the Board of Directors is a practice which allows the leader to be influential in the Board of Directors for three years thus allowing his programs in the span of three years to be continuously nurtured.

From 1907 to 1917 the officers of the association were all Americans. Filipinos were elected as officers of the association for the first time in 1918. The two Filipinos elected were Dr. Victor A. Buencamino, a graduate of New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1911 and Dr. Sixto N. Almeda Carlos, a graduate of San Francisco Veterinary College in 1916; they were elected vice president and treasurer respectively. They were close family friends and business associates in a rinderpest serum laboratory. Subsequently in 1919 all the officers of the association were Filipinos. They were Dr. Victor A. Buencamino as president, Dr. Vicente G. Ferriols as vice-president, Dr. Angel K. Gomez as secretary, and Dr. Santiago B. Montemayor as treasurer.